A new L.A. rock band called Starcrawler, epitomizes what generation Z is about! They are down-to-earth, know the type of music they want to create and have a very acute artistic vision. The band encompasses singer Arrow de Wilde, Henri Cash guitarist, Austin Smith the drummer and Tim Franco the bassist. The frontwoman Arrow de Wilde, daughter of photographer Autumn de Wilde and drummer Aaron Sperske, is a born rock star as her stage presence is so fearless and amok. She blood-spews the audience while performing on stage, a thing not really appreciated by some people in the venue. De Wilde and Austin Smith, “the drummer”, met thanks to mutual friends and played together before the formation of Starcrawler, though both of them were aware of the tremendous need of a guitarist and a bassist. De Wilde came across Henri Cash at the East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy, carrying a tuba case and said “You look cool, do you play the guitar?” From then on, Cash started jamming with the rest of the band. The bassist, Tim Franco knew Arrow for a year or so and called him out to ask Franco to be part of the band, Starcrawler.

Starcrawler touring debut was mainly locally in Southern California in such venues as The Echo in Los Angeles or the Orange County Observatory aside of the famous glam-punk revivalists rock from Long Island, The Lemon Twigs. Yet, the L.A. band will be touring across the US, Canada and Europe from January to June 2018.

When it comes to their music, I personally discovered it weeks ago and bluntly, I was blown away by their songs such as Ants, Let her be and I love L.A.. These four kids learned all the good classic rock stuff “Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne” in which Arrow acknowledged Ozzy had a great influence in her antics. Ryan Adams, who is producing her debut LP at his Pax-Am studio in Hollywood tweeted “This Starcrawler record is gonna peel the paint off your brain!”. And it’s true! I couldn’t stop listening to their songs for a week, at least!

Starcrawler’s video, I love L.A., directed by rock photographer Autumn de Wilde, is to me artistically great in terms of location and fashion in an unlikely donut shop/Chinese food restaurant somewhere in Hollywood. Their clothes seemingly recall the 1970s as De Wilde wears a pair of high waist golden shorts and a golden jacket with her tousled blond hair. Even better, Henri Cash’s outstanding all black outfit with a western embroidered-laced shirt is definitely clothes I would love to wear. To sum it up, Starcrawler is an addiction as Cash’s guitar solo will surely give you the need to grab a guitar and do the same! As Cash stated “let us be your drug” and it sure will be the case for rock ‘n’ roll lovers!

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