Top 5 Exhibitions to hit Paris in 2018

2018 seems to be looking bright for avid cultural explorers and enthusiasts alike. The line up for the upcoming year offers diverse and exciting expositions. Whether it be honoring the works of legends in their respective industries or time traveling to the past and getting inside the minds of well-loved artists, these will definitely fill up your calendar.

1. Margiela / Gallieria

Palais Gallieria will be honoring the great Martin Margiela and his contribution to the fashion industry in the past three decades. Though he was known to be quite a mystery in the fashion world, we are all invited to celebrate his life and his legacy through this exhibition.

Margiela / Galleria at the Palais Galliera from 03 March to 15 July

2. Picasso et La Danse

There are numerous expositions that will focus on the life and work of Picasso in 2018. But one I am personally looking forward to the most is “Picasso et La Danse” that will be exhibited at Opéra Garnier at the end of spring. As the artist had quite a special relationship with dance, he created stage design for the Russian Ballet and formed relationships and friendships that are often reflected in his work.

Picasso et La danse in L’Opera from 19 June to 16 September

3. Margiela: Les Années Hermés

After a successful run at Antwerp, where he was born, the exhibition finds its new home at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The former creative director of Hermés from 1997 till 2003 will showcase his previous work for the brand and the minimal approach he took in creating a total of 12 collections.

Margiela: Les Années Hermés at Musée des Arts Décoratifs from 22 March to 2 September

4. Ghosts and Hells – The underworld in Asian Art at the Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac 

This might stand out among the rest on this list but it gives such an interesting ring to it. This exposition will give us a deeper understanding of the relationship of Asian culture to the unworldly or to the different dimensions of books, cinema, art or religion.

Ghosts and Hells – the underworld in Asian art at the Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chir from 10 April until 15 July 2018

5. “Michael Jackson, icône de l’art” at the Grand Palais

Michael Jackson, icône de L’art at the Grand Palais from 23 November to 17 February 2019

Michael Jackson was more than an icon, he revolutionized music and transcended generations. In this exhibition, he as a person and his contribution to art, fashion, culture and more will be the center point of what we can expect when it opens in the last quarter of the year.

Don’t miss out on a chance to get to see some of these or even recommend us a few more you would like us to review!

Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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