5 Items To Update Your Man’s Wardrobe

Men can get away with murder. And fashion crimes. We know that not all of them care about their style, especially the ones outside fashion industry. Most couldn’t even tell the differences between loafers and oxfords. We’re not shooting for the stars here, we’re not asking for Tom Hiddleston, we just want a boyfriend who is not Sheldon Cooper. Admit it, whenever your boyfriend looks more presentable, it does not only compensate for his average-looks, but also make his not-so-funny jokes less irritating.

Scroll down to see the key items you can buy to flourish his style for the approaching spring.


  1. Wool Jacket

Brown in women might be challenging… after all it is considered as an “ugly” color. However, men wearing brown can reveal a mature, sophisticated vibe. This maroon jacket is perfect for chilly spring and what’s more, it’s so affordable!

zara eu69.95
ZARA, 69,95 EUR

2. Knit Wear

No one will go wrong with a nice knit sweater. If his blue one has already bored you to death, buy him this cute contrast color sweater, a bit of red always looks good on every skin tone.

paul smith 175 bdp


3. Army Shirt

We are not talking about camouflage or military shirts here, those ones might have already been sitting inside his wardrobe for years. The asymmetric pockets and arc hem design successfully jazz up classic shirts in a good way.

army-shirt-pinstripe-velour-navy Han 140Kjøbenhavn


4.   Chino Pants

Nice tailored chinos are essential and can be dressed up and down. Maybe you think they are far away from trendy, however, don’t take risks to buy your man high waisted or unstructured trousers if he is not a big fan of fashion.

apc 190
A.P.C, 190 EUR


5. Wingtip Brogues

Shoes can be such game changers. Have you ever passed by a well-dressed man with a trashy crappy sneakers? That just ruined everything, and you don’t want to see such a catastrophe on your boyfriend right?! Splurge on a pair of quality brogues for your love, he will give you everything in return.



george cleverly 625

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