Kolor F/W 18: A Color-Blocked, Mismatched Déjà Vu

Kolor‘s Junichi Abe is known for a casual and playful take on mixing textiles. Each collection speaks to the street style savvy and would undeniably please any hipster who wants to add a beautiful garment into his wardrobe. Last week, the Japanese brand showcased its Fall 2018 collection in Paris.

This season, Abe stayed true the Kolor mismatched, clashing prints aesthetic, creating an array of camel houndstooth blazers along with sweatshirts with an uneven flame-shape pattern. The everyday look of shirt-sweater-trousers is restyled with funky aviator jackets and patchwork fur slippers. An overall feel of intentional sloppiness permeates the looks, as if portraying someone who got ready in five minutes, put on random things without much thought, and seeing, once outside, that it actually works.

It is evident that the collection breaks certain codes but it wasn’t breathtaking. Composed with some color-blocked and sporty jackets copying the streetwear trend noticeable in the North-East of Paris. The sprinkling of interesting pieces did not salvage the fact that it just wasn’t that original. I have seen such clothes before in the French capital.

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