The Fun in Sanchez Kane

Barbara Sanchez Kane is one of the most inspiring designer and the “next big thing” in fashion. She is the one to look out for! Each of her collections has a voice for the oppressed, for the politically incorrect and for other current social issues. She has broken the rules and she has stood up for the right.


The Mexican feminist designer’s collections speak volumes and are almost like mini-campaigns. Her quirkiness, satire, and graphics are very fresh and bold. Here are five fun facts to know about this upcoming menswear designer.

  1. “Mom Approves” – As she launches her first collection – “Catch as a catch can”, the young designer came out as a lesbian to her mother. Once approved and accepted, she produced a jacket that read “Mom Approves”.
  2. Her Diary – On her website, she has an entire section where she introduces graphic artworks of inspiration; mood boards for her collections, quotes and art collaborations. These are great visual delights.
  3. Her Illustrations – Apart from being a bold designer, Sanchez Kane always conveys her views through her graphic illustrations and artworks. Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.35.31 AM.png
  4. “Men Without Fear” – Is the Spring-Summer’18 collection inspired by the ways in which drugs are smuggled over the U.S./Mexican border and President Trump’s unfavorable attitude towards Mexico. Phrases like, “National mood,” “Moral panic,” and “Alternative facts” are scribbled on models’ faces as mustaches to communicate a glaring criticism of the Trump Administration.

  5. The “Kinky funny” twist – Her first collection – “Catch as a catch can”, was her graduating collection in Polimoda that was showcased in 2015 during Pitti Uomo. It was based on the Symposium of Plato – where mankind is cut into two and our struggle is to find our other half in order to complete us. In this romantic quest for love, Sanchez Kane indulges in portraying the men wearing Kamasutra and orgies prints with candy masks covering their faces, all indicating to finding eternal happiness.


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