5 Steps To Valentine’s Day In Paris

February is here and on the 14th of this month, we will overdose on chocolate and roses as a tribute to love. We know that Paris is already branded as the city of love, but comment célèbre-t-on la Saint-Valentin à Paris? How exactly can one celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris? We’ve got five steps to get you Parisienne ready for this day of love!

(Step 1) Ditch Pink, Reach For Red 

Valentine’s Day is not the day to partake in soft makeup. There are 364 other days in the year to wear understated makeup. This night is all about accentuating your lips with a daring rouge lipstick. Choosing a red lipstick with blue undertones tends to flatter most skin tones and avoids giving off the dreaded clownish red lips vibe. We like Kiko Cosmetic’s Brick Red Matte Lipstick.


(Step 2) Big Bouncy Curls

Imagine yourself transported to the streets of Granada, Spain, dancing flamenco with your partner. The only style fitting for this night is big, bouncy curls. If your hair is naturally curly, enhance your locs by using a 1-2 inch barrel to tame the bits that want to do their own thing. Check out a tutorial below!


(Step 3) All Black Everything

Alright, now that hair and makeup are finished, it’s time to pick out an outfit. Since it’ll be cold in Paris during Valentine’s Day, a simple, black turtleneck, paired with a leather skirt or skort, fishnet leggings, and a trench coat will pull the entire look together. The face and hair are already bold, and so the outfit should be understated but classic. Forever 21 has an affordable and chic black leather skirt that we’re in love with.


(Step 4) Santé

It’s only fitting to grab a drink or two to begin the night. Everyone wants an epic story to tell their friends after Valentine’s Day and this usually involves going to a secluded and intricate restaurant or bar, and do we have an exciting bar for you! La Mezcaleria in the 3rd Arrondissement is one of those places that as you enter, your mouth drops. Its decor mimics that of El Dia De Los Muertos, or The Day Of The Dead. This is a Mexican tradition of celebrating their relatives who have passed away.


(Step 5) La Seine

Now that you’ve gotten a few spirits and bites in your system, it’s time to digest and enjoy Paris in the best way possible: A Seine cruise. No matter how many times you’ve visited or how long you’ve lived in this city, touring Paris at night on the Seine is simply mesmerizing and will make this Valentine’s Day one for the books!


Author: Mayowa Ige

Mayowa is an effervescent and passionate Nigerian fashionista bathed in SoCal sunshine. Often spotted with a striking purple lip and a fierce leather jacket, she is unapologetically honest and will tell you if your brows scream S.O.S. to leave you unabashedly on fleek. Follow her adventures @emirestudios

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