Neith Nyer is a new fashion brand established in 2015 by Brazilian designer, Francisco Terra. Prior creating his own brand, Terra worked with Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy which enabled him to enhance his skills. Terra often mentions his grandmother as an inspiration who taught him how to sew when he was a child. She instilled Terra that designing was not a question of technical skills. It is also supposed to tell a story throughout clothes and collections. In Terra’s designs, his feelings are often expressed, especially his grief over the loss of his sister who passed away at the age of 18.

Neith Nyer Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show in Paris

According to his website NeithNyer “the brand endeavours to develop a popular vision of clothing, by taking its references to what is mainly considered as a lower culture, or vulgarity.” Nonetheless, in his latest spring/summer collection 2018 we can feel the inspiration from his native Brazil and the 1980s and 1990s, as the designer uses striking garnish colors, the hallmark of that period.

Keith Nyer
RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection
Paris Fashion Week

When we look at Terra’s collections, we can see that Brazil is not his only inspiration. European and Asian influences are also present, as he worked as design director and studio manager at the Chinese fashion brand Lily. Clearly, Terra has absorbed these different cultures and transformed them into garments. He likes to play with technical skills that he learned by working for Parisian fashion houses in order to make clothes that disturb and awe the fashion industry.

I was really intrigued by his refreshing S/S 2018 collection reflecting changes in our modern society. Terra doesn’t want to target one type of women or men, but rather make his clothes available for everyone. There is no label, no social status but rather a woman or a man who doesn’t want to be determined by where he or she was born or educated. There is something twee that I like in his collections. Similar daring approaches have caused many promising young designers to fail and put their brands in jeopardy. Yet, Francisco Terra succeeds in keeping a coherent artistic combination which allowed him to move his brand forward.

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