The Death of the Fashion Capital

The fashion capital is dead. Gone are the days when we could turn to Paris, New York, and Milan as the Mecca of fashion. The authorities and the insiders of the fashion world are starting to scatter themselves throughout the world. This decentralisation of the fashion capital is allowing for less-prominent cities to gain traction. We’re seeing popular influencers shipping of to Tbilisi instead of New York. We’re seeing emerging brands decide to remain in their hometown instead of moving to Paris, Milan, London or New York. Take note in Palomo Spain staying in, well, Spain.

This leads us at IFA Paris wondering what exactly is causing this shift? Are the capitals losing their glamour? Are we all truly starting to decline from the global society and scurry back and remain in our corners of world as we’re seeing in the nationalist movements rising up everywhere? If any of us could make an educated guess, it’d be this: we’re so connected we don’t need to ever even leave our backyard and still run multi-national, successful, transcendent brands.

Watching fashion capitals rise in every corner of world goes hand in hand with the rapid advancement in technology that allows my mom to lead teams based all over the globe from her couch in small-town Wallingford, Connecticut (seldom is she seen going to the office or on business trips, yet remains at the forefront of the country).

We can thank this in part as well to the rise of the influencer and social media truly playing a hand in how we consume media. We live in a world where we can sit on our couch, in our small town, and be transported to every corner of globe without ever leaving. Who needs to go to Paris, France when we can build our own Paris in our backyard for the world to see? We at IFA Paris will continue to watch as the entire world sprouts out new fashion capitals and see who wins in the end. Are you placing your bets on Paris, France or Paris, Texas?

Author: Vince Calvi

MBA Candidate, Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris

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