West Meets East: How British Fashion Influence Still Lingers in Modern India

The world often forgets that India is a subcontinent blooming with an array of various cultures and languages spanning 7 union territories and 28 states. Such diversity for one nation leads to different pockets of style scattered throughout every corner. Thanks to British colonisation, India has been heavily influenced by western fashion for centuries, traversing every culture. With a slow start at first, Western style left a permanent imprint in the 21st century leaving its mark on every aspect of day-to-day Indian style.


Gone are the days that we see teenagers wear traditional clothing on a regular basis. Whether it be at universities, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, movies, or everywhere else, the modern Indian teen mimics the rest of the world, who mimics the West, and dress just like someone in Europe or the United States.


Even on more formal occasions, where we would expect traditional clothes to be worn, the West wins again. It would almost be strange to see anyone in a Sari at the club in Delhi as opposed to a mini skirt.


For more practical reasons, sports in India — played professionally or leisurely — maintain a Westernised look (thanks, lycra!).


This transcends all generations in 2018 as not only teenagers, but their parents and grandparents also wear westernised outfits on a daily basis. In fact, you can see for yourself in The Evolution of Indian Street Style.


Indian celebrities are even starting a trend of exchanging the sari for Chanel across the Bollywood red carpets and when spotted by the local paparazzi.

This trend, however, doesn’t dampen the beautiful Indian heritage and culture that has existed for millennia. Our traditional Indian aesthetic still reigns strong over a large amount of the population and you’ll always see our timeless fashion at every traditional event from weddings to religious rituals — looking gorgeous and forever Indian.


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