Inspired By India

India — with her colorful and rich heritage in terms of weaves, culture, designs, and textiles — has served as an inspiration to international designers for decades. From the opulent fashions of the maharajas to the perceived oriental exoticism, India has made a mark around the world with her bold colors, brocades, cotton, linen, and mirror work. The accessories have been used by many designers to make a statement. Let’s look at some of these iconic pieces from the runway in the last decade.

  1. Hermes Spring 2008

The collection designed by Jean Paul Gaultier represented two versions of India – the colonial India and India as an exotic land. The Jodhpur pants and the riding boots matched the brand’s legacy. The turbans spotted on the models were made of silk, crocodile skin and lamé which made the collection even more royal.


2. Vera Wang Spring 2013

India connects in this collection was her use of textiles like brocade, ikats and delicate embroidery and ornamentation. But the drapes, cuts, and silhouettes were all Vera Wang, giving the collection a modern twist with traditional fabrics.

3. Chanel Pre-Fall 2012, Paris – Bombay

Karl Lagerfeld in his collection titled “Paris – Bombay” showcased tweed jackets dripping with pearls, draped skirts, raw silk and brocade tunics and pants, dresses worn over boots that worked as leggings and heaps of gold and silver embroidery. But apart from all these details, the collection was a perfect mix of the Parisian chic with premium textiles.

4. Elie Saab Couture 2016

The richness and opulence of Indian embroidery and embellishments was a perfect fit for a handcrafted couture collection. It was a mix of Indian and Edwardian influences and it went beyond the imagination.

5. Christian Louboutin and Sabyasachi Collaboration

In October 2017, Louboutin collaborated with India’s most favorite and renowned designer Sabyasachi for an exclusive collection. With 15 styles for women and 4 for men, each pair is unique and extraordinary.

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