Starting off Paris fashion week with a hit, Dior staged its Fall 2018 collection looking back half a century at the protest of the women’s liberation movement in France which started during the revolt in May 1968.

Appointed as the first female art director at the French fashion house, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s inspiration to empower women walks the runway.

The collection reflected the 1968’s rally in a tremendous way on women’s rights, displaying printed slogans, embroideries and patchwork prints overflowing with memory focusing on the expression of women. The show opened with a thick knitted sweater printed “C’est Non Non Non et Non!” which translates to “It’s no no no and no!” while another sweater featured an over-sized peace sign.

Screenshot_20180305-022159 (1)

The 68-inspired patchwork pieces hit the runway with mini skirts, boots, and dresses.


Colorful paisley-like prints, a few floral expressions, and over-sized coats embraced the liberation of the 1968’s women.


Communicating feminism and the restless youth-quake brought the revolutionary idea exploring the outer space looks.


The techniques from 1968 were reinvented into slinky, fringed, body-hugging dresses putting through the height of modern feminism.


Among accessories emerging from 1968 we could observe colorful lense sunglasses.


150 people worked to create the show space that was finished off with over 3000 ripped and pasted posters covering the floor and walls to create an impressive effect.


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