Music Machines at Galeries Lafayette

Despite the snow that fell on Paris this weekend, Spring and its beautiful days are imminent and this season also means the comeback of the outdoor music festivals! Thus, music will be invited to Galeries Lafayette from April 11 to June 24, 2018, with a new event called Music Machines. For the first day, the Parisian department store will open its doors to many new artists.

Music Machines will offer live performances as well as happenings, Stereokids sessions, festive activities, fashion and participatory workshops. It will be held outdoors, near the flagship of Boulevard Haussmann. Then, a  regional musical tour aimed at revealing young talents will also take place in Angers, Nice, Toulouse and other cities.


In the Hausmann store, traditional windows will be changes into scenes, hosting shows and concerts. They will present passers-by the sound, the light and the effects of the live experience. Galeries Lafayette will also offer a personalized shopping experience in music. The company Faith France imagined a game on screens that determines a musical selection adapted to the customer’s mood. Then people will listen to it in the aisles of the point-of-sale with an audio headset lent for the occasion. Finally, the “Galerie des Galeries”, the place of creation of the department store, will animate on the theme of music, while a fashion-style pop-up of Etudes Studio will take place at Galeries Lafayette Homme.

This summer will inaugurate the very first Galeries Lafayette’s festival where music and fashion will be one.

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