G-Dragon: The Unisex Fashion Pioneer In Asia

Back in Asia, people might not listen to K-Pop, but for sure, we all know who G- Dragon is, the lead singer in South Korean boys band –BIG BANG, and also well known for his advanced street style.

He often showed up in some of the biggest fashion houses’ shows; for instance, if you have paid attention to every Chanel’s fashion show, you definitely would have noticed this Asian styling maven. I have to admit, not all his looks made me crazy, but look at how he excelled at mixing Chanel classic tweed jacket with street items. Creating his own unique “GD Style” gave me impacted inspiration when it comes to mix-and-match styling.

ss15 chanel
Chanel Haute Couture SS15
Chanel ss15
Chanel Ready-To-Wear SS15
G- dragon chanel ss18 women's wear
Chanel SS18

Seoul Chanel Gabrielle exhibition

GD left everyone in awe of his experiment on women’s wear. He is definitely one of the pioneers who always rocks the female collection and builds his own unisex chic.

In Celine
In Chanel
In Prada



Tell us what you think about G-Dragon’s one-of-a-kind style, is it too over the top? Or is it definitely inspiring?


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