Jane Birkin, the 1960s fashion icon

For those who don’t know Jane Birkin, a 1960’s English fashion icon but also an actress and a singer, it’s worth noting that she had a tremendous impact in France and the UK. Together with French artist, Serge Gainsbourg, she formed one of the most glamorous couples in France. The aesthetically beautiful film “La Piscine” directed by Jacques Deray made the icon one of most desirable actresses and singers of her era.

Mixing her Swinging London style, with the  Parisian/bohemian chic made her unique thanks to her slender physical appearance. She had strong friendships with fashion forwards designers like Paco Rabanne, YSL and other independent designers who catered the style of the singer who became known as the effortlessly stylish fashion icon.

Her straw bag became a must have among the women who adored Birkin’s style.  Hermès’ former Chief Executive Jean-Louis Deman decided to design a purse which he named after her: the Birkin Bag. Her hairstyles and outfits were also a lot referenced and followed and succeeded to push forward feminist ideas. She was very recognizable with high-waisted jeans with bohemian shirts and high boots.

Still these days, her legacy can be perceived in France or elsewhere in the World. Many fashion brands, magazines, bloggers or influencers have been inspired by her style like Jeanne Damas, Louise Follain and Emma Labowe whose faces look like Birkin’s. These three young women built on their careers using the term “new Jane Birkin”. And it works, as Jane Birkin style had such an imprint on popular culture and would surely last for a long time as the singer embodies a fashion era glorified by the society.

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