Music is a powerful tool to impact fashion trends. For decades music and fashion influence each other and then there are music artists who clearly left a booming fashion trend with a Strong sense of impeccable style inspiring people.



Bob Marley brought reggae, Rastafarianism, and the singular culture of Jamaica to the world and also managed to be the best-dressed rock star of the 70’s. The most famous Rasta of all time gave a new meaning to the whole look M-65 jacket. He upheld the Adidas brand, effortlessly sporting a half dozen of their sneaker models over the course of his career and making track suits stylish.



Madonna’s musical and cultural impact on the world is so great that today she is considered as one of the most powerful woman in music and  20th century’s biggest style icons. Madonna switched things up a lot, she rocked dozens of sexy and iconic looks a few of them being-conical bra, wedding dresses and kimonos. Her most highlighted looks were early 80’s music video outfit: lots of symbolic low hanging necklaces, over-sized hair bows, and lace gloves. Teens imitated her look and many artists followed  her footsteps.



Nirvana changed the lives of teens leaving them detached from the punk movement and emphasized the 90’s like no other rock band ever will. Kurt Cobain a style icon unintentionally set a trend that changed the idea of fashion for a entire generation of male out then. He invented the modern grunge style, No one ever has made jeans, flannel and cardigan sweaters look so effortlessly cool.



Iconic pop-rockers of all time inspired many trends: collarless suits, the outlandish psychedelic peacock style of their Sgt. Pepper days, Lennon’s round wire-frame glasses. But their most famous style went to the mop-top, those four floppy boyish hairdos—long swooping bangs, hair-covered ears, and shaggy all over.



Sex Pistols were believed to be the first punk band during the 1976 to grab an eye of fashion. Their outfits were enhanced political slogans, safety pins, sporty tees and leather. The Sex Pistols released just one album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’  which was the most influential album in pop music history which left an impact on the punk style.



The Run DMC trio gained attention and went popular with the song ‘My Adidas’ which gave lead to the hip-hop sneaker culture and spread the essence of New York in the 80’s. The rapper’s street-wear represented black urban youth all over America, giving them a voice in fashion. Their choice of attire also told the world that the African-American people had style, charm and artistic value.

And the list of hit artist influencing fashion could go on and might never stop!

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