Weekender Bags for Spring Break Getaways

Image result for bazaar bag xl balenciaga

XL Bazar Shopper, Balenciaga

One important travel tip I learned is that your luggage must be colorful and flashy. This way, you will not have any problems spotting it on the conveyor belt. If you travel with a classic black suitcase, like 90% of the passengers, chances are someone will pick up your bag by mistake. The psychedelic stripes on this Balenciaga Bazaar Bag will ensure that this will never happen to you. Get it in XL for maximum storage space.

Related image

Round Luggage, Ookonn

Extend the geometric bag trend to your travel paraphernalia with this circular luggage from Ookonn.


Carry-On Suitcase, L/Uniform

This suitcase brings me back to a time when travelling and tourism was slower, when you would go away for weeks on end, spend long nights on the train and make stopovers in quaint little towns. Days when you order endless cups of caffe freddo to combat the heat, write elaborate travelogues, and maybe meet a cute stranger in a bowler hat. Made with canvas and trimmed with leather, this luggage by L/Uniform is open to customization. You can choose the color combinations, and even add your initials. It does not get more old world chic than this.

Image result for louis vuitton keepall toile eclipse

Keepall Bandoulière, Louis Vuitton


Even when the Louis Vuitton monogram was considered so tacky, the Keepall Bandoulière remained desirable. I guess, after everything and underneath all the marketing schemes, Louis Vuitton will always be about voyage, making their weekender duffle an indisputable classic. Truly indémodable. Follow Supreme’s lead and get it in the Toile Monogram Eclipse finish for a more contemporary take.

Men Ready-to-Wear

Large Basket Bag, Loewe

Author: Renee Ultado

Renee Ultado is a writer fueled by glamour, caffeine, tequila shots (sometimes), an unswayed faith in the goodness of other people (always), and the reassuring thought that Mariah Carey is out there somewhere in a rhinestone studded slip dress doing the Lord's work. reneeultado.com

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