Post-Print Philippines

Print may officially be dead in the Philippines. Unfortunately, as of April 19, Summit Media, one of the leading publishing houses in the country have ceased all its print editions and turned digital.


This news does not come as a surprise, at least in my opinion. The Philippines is dubbed as the social media capital of the world and regardless of social class and status, everyone is on the internet. Yet as we see the new chapter unfold in the next quarter, it is heartbreaking to witness something you cherish come to an end. Magazines were a big part of my growing years and still hold true today living across the globe. But for my home country, the dream of one day working for a magazine may never be fulfilled.

Summit Media’s transition to only producing digital content felt like a saving face and an only way to keep the company alive. When other glossies axed their print editions, they completely faded away as a brand but for Summit Media, the restructuring was the perfect way to keep them at the limelight and at the same time prove they can and will survive this digital age.

To a certain extent, I do respect the decision. Maybe now these lifestyle websites and online magazines can produce reputable, thought-provoking and original content that is of substance – which was lacking in their print editions. But I still have faith that print will return in the future. The internet these days is overly saturated with endless articles coming at you, one after the other. It’s still such a pleasure to sit down at a cafe, have a cigarette on hand and browse through well-written columns on a lazy afternoon.


Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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