Coachella 2018: The Festival Styles You May Apply To Your Summer Outfits

The annual music and art festival “Coachella” held in Indio, California is well-known for their festival street styles than its musical performances. Except for this time, the much-anticipated performance of Beyonce made waves throughout social media, coining the term “Beychella”.

I use to be a lot more excited seeing the crazy yet creative styles hit the festival scene, but over the years, with the prevalance of influencers and instagrammers,

Though admittedly, I was a lot more excited the first time I saw the crazy yet creative styles that I saw there, today, after many years, and especially after the prevalence of influencers and instagrammers, I can’t help feeling that outfits at Coachella have become more or less the same. People dress in a crazy way (I mean crazier than their normal daily looks), more revealing, but nothing creative or original.

But still, it’s a good event to get an inspiration for what to shop for the upcoming summer. And paying attention to the little details of how people style for festivals, is always useful to upgrade our style to the next level.

Scroll down to get inspiration for your summer styles!


It’s obvious  that all-white-outfits are yet to fade out this year.

coachella 6

Like it or not, logo trend is officially back.

coachella 7

螢幕快照 2018-04-29 19.39.08coachella

Waist bag is the must-have for the festival season.

Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about Coachella fashion.  Is it too cliche or still inspiring?!

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