Meet the real JE NE SAIS QUOI: Eva Green in the film “ The Dreamers”

” JE NE SAIS QUOI” might be the ultimate goal for every woman. It is not only about the fashion style – it is most importantly the attitude: nonchalant, carefree, mysterious, but very sexy and elegant. And that might be the reason why the French women make such an impression that is more sophisticated than any other.

the dreamers1

In the 2003 movie “ The Dreamers”, the main female character Isabelle  lives in her own naïve dream, and holds an ambiguous and deformed love for her twin brother. Through her, I finally realised what ” JE NE SAIS QUOI” looks like when you see an ideal French woman.  Apart from the story line, Eva Green’s costumes in the film are another highlight that shouldn’t be overlooked.

the dreamers 9

We all know French women like red.  To interpret a young college student, she chose (or to be more precise, her stylist) a red shirt with a foulard tiding loosely around the collars, pairing with a miniskirt, giving her a smart but casual vibe.

the dreamers 8the dreamers 5the dreamers 7

No matter if it is a one piece or a casual shirt, floral prints on her never looked twee.

the dreamers 3

I always like to see women dress in a tomboy way. It’s easy to wear a dress and look elegant. But it’s a bit challenging to infuse masculine elements in the outfit and still look sexy and chic. Obviously, she made it, and made it well.

the dreamers2

Finally, the second look of Isabelle in this film, a rouge beret and a velvet dress, has become a classic later on.

the d

I personally think that this movie shows the stereotypical France. The plot is set in 1968, when the best known student revolt was happening. Even if you have no love for fashion, as long as you are interested in recent history, rock music or old classic movies, check out ” The Dreamers”. It won’t let you down.

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