Since its creation in 1946, the Cannes film festival has been upheld for being the mecca for actors and actresses to show off their most beautiful gowns and styles throughout decades. It is sometimes comical to notice that the media are more interested in the way a film star dresses than the films selected at the festival.  Nonetheless, the Cannes film festival offers an opportunity for the fashion, art, and other show business industries to gather for ten days in order to be seen in what would be the most glamorous event of the year.

Stars always strive to differentiate themselves through their sense of fashion and style– thanks to their friendships with the most talented fashion designers (present or past) who realize that the festival and stars would be a great stepping stone for their careers.

Elizabeth Taylor with her diamond tiara was the first to introduce hair accessories on the Cannes’ red carpet. This gave way to other moments where stars such as Catherine Deneuve or Kristen Dunst with her floral headband, could also serve as fashion icons during the festival.

There is a great relationship between fashion houses and celebrities, especially during the Cannes Film Festival where the media exposure is at its paramount. So much so that major luxury brands and groups such as Kering, L’Oréal or Chopard are active sponsors, that enhance the perception of the festival’s prestige.

The Cannes film festival isn’t all glitz and glamor brought to you via excessive gown trains. In fact, many stars continue to voice support for brands that pave the way for more sustainable gowns during the festival. Livia Firth “wife of Collin” has established a sustainable fashion initiative called the Green Carpet Challenge in order to urge celebrities to put an end to the “only one time” dictate.

As the jury president, the Australian actress, Cate Blanchett appeared for the first day of the festival with an Armani Privé black sheer gown already worn two years ago by the actress at the Golden Globe Awards. This act is a statement regarding fashion sustainability in which many of her peers should follow.


However, there is still a long way to go in order to have more fashion sustainability and more actions taken by the festival committee and the city of Cannes regarding sexual harassment, as Italian actress Asia Argento revealed to have been sexually assaulted during the festival by Harvey Weinstein.


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  1. Elizabeth Taylor’s tiara is beautiful! Not unlike a lot of the headwear just worn at the MET Gala this May too


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