The sun, the sand, and the sea are calling out to you!

Summer is the best time of the year to embrace the sun and flaunt your summer body, but clothes shouldn’t be the only focus. Accessorizing is like the magic fairy godmother wand that pulls together a look. What better way to embrace summer than with hats!

Below, we’ve rounded up the top trending hats of this season.

1. Super-sized straw hatsCollage 2018-05-20 00_16_21Collage 2018-05-20 00_31_37Floppy-sloppy & trendy-exaggerated super-sized hats are a hit this summer.

2. Bowler/Gangster HatsCollage 2018-05-20 00_49_07collage-2018-05-20-00_54_28.jpgPretty little hats blend with great outfits. Bowler hats are all over the streets this season.

3. Fancy BeretsCollage 2018-05-20 01_27_12Collage 2018-05-20 01_32_14Berets edged their way to a comeback this season, in different style of leather, felt, and more.

4. Boater Hatscollage-2018-05-20-05_47_26.jpgcollage-2018-05-20-06_01_25.jpgThe classic boater hats, also known as skimmer, cady or can-can are desirable style everyone is craving for this summer.

5. Sailor capscollage-2018-05-20-06_07_56.jpgSailor caps, also known as the newsboy caps, remind us of  retro trend we absolutely can’t miss-out on the season.

Remember, SPF only lasts for two hours, while a fashionable hat can offer sun protection all day long- so choose your sun protector wisely!





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