One of the major problems the fashion industry has been facing is sustainability. This contemporary issue has been pertained for a long time now. It has been more than a decade that the production of clothing has increased massively and at the same time the disposal of the clothing has become a big issue. However, a few brands have made the initiative to move towards the implication of sustainable fashion.


Stella McCartney was the first brand to sign in for the production of sustainable fashion which was a kick start last year.


Recently other major global brands made the move towards sustainable fashion. Among them are H&M, Nike, GAP and Burberry who joined the league with Stella McCartney by signing the Make Fashion Circular scheme of The Ellen McAuthur Foundation which was announced at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.


Dow Jones Industrial Average listed company Nike (NKE)'s logo is seen in Los Angeles



These brands that joined hands with sustainable fashion will be in the process of developing practical ways on how to cut out the polluting materials and moving towards the improvement of this contemporary issue for the next three years by working with the HSBC bank.

Signing the Make Fashion Circular initiative aims at three principles, mainly to create a system that offers benefits for the citizens, businesses and the environment. The first key to unlock here is creating business models that keep clothes in use, secondly using materials that are renewable and safe and finally focusing on creating solutions that recycle or turn used clothes into new ones.

The view of these global brand initiating to improve and aim for a better environment and world hold out hope for a better future.


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