Is Diet Prada Still The Most Just Fashion Instagram Account?

Diet- Prada-  first posted in December, 2014 and soon became the most feared anonymous Instagram account among designers. Since the beginning of May, we know the names of the two authors behind this phenomenon. The duo Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuuler revealed that this all started as a joke. All fashion lovers love to comment and compare when there is a new collection coming out, Lindsey and Liu weren’t an exception. However, precise comparison and calling-out copycats movement, made them stand out from millions of fashion Instagrammers.

diet prada
Left to right: Lindsey Schuyler and Tony Liu, Photograph: Camila Falquez


Although they started by bringing out the pilfering issues, today, they also provide commentaries on a wide range of problems happening in the fashion world: model abuse, racial discrimination and cultural appropriation. Even they told BOF: “And we’re not being mean. I hate saying, ‘We’re just being honest!’ But, you know.” And of course, who doesn’t like to see dramas – the sharp and fearless comments were for sure the key attraction to their followers.
螢幕快照 2018-05-27 16.02.28e89ea2e5b995e5bfabe785a7-2018-05-27-16-04-04.png

However, since their recent reveal, and getting themselves inside fashion media business, some followers started to question whether they are still as unbiased as before? Are they not protecting some specific brands for commercial profit? After all, authenticity is what made them successful today. If they lose it, how will their business path turn out? Only time will tell.


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