Summer Getaways (on a budget)

Although we still have a few weeks left before this semester comes to a close, I have been endlessly planning and dreaming of my next getaways. The only applications on my phone as of the moment are of airlines, hostels, culture guides and food advisors. Being a travel junkie and counting the number of countries I visit, I make it a point to explore new destinations as much as I can. However, this proves to be rather costly, especially for a student. Trying to fit all the must-dos on a limited budget is a skill I have learned traveling away from the comforts of my family by my side. Everything must be well-researched and planned. If not, then you’ll just end up splurging more than you should.

As soon as the summer season begins, the prices for everything jack up. A flight to a nearby European city can easily cost as much as flying back home. Tourists start to flock the capitals and enjoy the cityscape while the rest of Europe flee to where nature calls.

But for fellow students or other people wanting to travel without having to hurt their wallets too much, it’s best to find smaller cities or less populated areas in and around Europe. Here’s a round down of my top three destinations for the next coming months:

  1. Greek Islands

Without a doubt, Greece will be a sought-after destination for everyone this coming summer. After a long harsh winter, who wouldn’t want to just lounge by the beach, sail through islands, jump off a cliff and have a barbeque in the middle of nowhere. The tropical girl in me is screaming of joy for this one in particular.


But the flight alone to Mykonos or Santorini will make up most of your budget and that’s not good to start with. Rather than flying in directly to those islands, it is best to fly into Athens, the capital of Greece, then take a ferry to the smaller islands such as Milos, Crete, and Kos. And if Santorini is part of the itinerary, there are sailing escapades starting from 60 Euros that definitely won’t break the bank.

2. Slovenia

I first set foot in Ljubliana exactly a year ago, but only for a day. It was love at first sight but unfortunately having less than 24 hours to explore the city was not enough. Slovenia’s rich history and culture immediately captivated me as I walked through the streets that preserved their old heritage. But more so, as we drove around the rest of Slovenia, I was surprised with how much natural resources and landscapes they have. So this summer, I plan to pack my hiking boots and rent a car to see just what wonders this country has in store. I’ll make my way to the Postojna Cave to the Triglav National Park before taking in a quick dip at Lake Bled.


3. Provence

Despite living in France for nine months now, I have only discovered few places. This country has more to offer than just Paris that’s for sure. The reason why I put Provence on this list is to see the lovely lavender fields that bloom mostly at the end of June. A break from the city’s hustle and bustle makes for a perfect weekend. And you won’t have problems staying in your lane, money wise!




Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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