What would Carrie, Charlotte, Sam, and Miranda say if they heard this sad news? Kate Spade left us and in a rather tragic way last week.


Katherine Brosnahan started her career as a journalist for Mademoiselle. Twenty-five years ago, she and her husband Andy Spade created her accessories brand. Thanks to its appearance on the arms of the New York iconic “Sex and the City” characters, the Kate Spade brand became an emblem of fashionistas of the Big Apple. Its classic and modern style, with bright colors, seduces like a bag Pliage from “Longchamp” in Paris.

For over a year, the brand has been owned by the Coach Group, which wanted to continue its development and seduce younger consumers. The designer, native of Missouri, was no longer involved in the decision-making processes.

She leaves behind her husband and a 13-year-old daughter.

The loss of the creator revives the debate of the souls of fragile and broken artists. Loneliness and anxiety are common currencies in a world of rhinestones and sequins. Diseases of which we speak only too little. Nobody ever knows, until that happens or at least nobody wants to hear. Like others before her, it seems that Kate had visible injuries that even fashion could not heal.

It seems that the fashion industry requires its actors to have hard skin, to be resistant to stress and to be permanently on all fronts. Alexander McQueen or L’Wren Scott have already sunk. They seemed to choke in a golden prison and it sadly becomes too common.

In a world where money and business reign supreme, care must be taken not to forget oneself, to fulfill oneself and to listen to oneself. The recent suicide of Anthony Bourdain proves that all sectors are concerned. Success definitely does not mean happiness.

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