Kim K Is Not A Fashion Icon. Sorry.

For whatever reason, the CFDA just gifted Kim Kardashian the title of Influencer of the Year at CFDA Awards this year. While I’ll admit that Kim Kardashian does have a lot of followers across her social media, is she truly deserving of this award? No. Sorry.

We’re in a new era where everyone is an influencer, from five followers to 50 million. The people who deserve recognition for influence are those who have become Thought Leaders. And even in the realm of the fashion industry, are enough people really aspiring to be or dress like Kim K? My safe bet is no. She’s unrealistically wealthy and, frankly, had no style before Kanye came into the picture.

She’s the daughter of a master marketer, I’ll give her that. She’s really been able to keep her name in the pop culture lexicon for over a decade, but aren’t the people who watch her mostly people who don’t really care about the fashion industry? And if they do, aren’t they mostly just making fun of her? Of those that take her seriously, where do they stand in the fashion industry? I’d like to know how many people on the red carpet roll their eyes after they try to have a coherent conversation with her.

But I digress. At the end of the day, yes Kim Kardashian is popular. I by no means mean to take away her status as one of the most followed people in the world. That’s just a fact. But to truly have influence over the general fashion public, I beg to differ.

And anything that involves the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doesn’t count. Not in my book.

Either way, congrats I guess. Let’s see who wins next year.

Author: Vince Calvi

MBA Candidate, Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris

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