2019 Gucci Cruise Took Over Arles

There is a lot to say about the Gucci’s 2019 cruise collection, starting with the choice of the location, in Arles, France. Alessandro Michele is known for having very beautiful aesthetics in his shows at great locations. After the Dia Art Foundation, in upstate New York and the cloisters in the Westminster Abbey in London and the Palatina gallery in Florence’s Palazzo Pitti, Michele decided to set his show in the Alyscamps, a Roman necropolis built in the 4th century which eventually became Christian. In the 19th century, artists such as Paul Gaugin and Vincent Van Goth spent time there and painted the surroundings of the Alyscamps. In 1981, the Alyscamps was granted to be classified as UNESCO world heritage site. No wonder why this burial ground was chosen. The Gucci artistic director wanted to display through his collection, references from the past and their reflection in the modern times.

The show was scheduled at night with the ignition of a fire line in the middle, separating the catwalk in two, giving the start of the show with the models coming out of the church at a fast pace with a heap of smoke, backed up by Claudio Monteverdi’s soundtrack “Vespers for the Blessed Virgin“. Michele opted in favor of 114 looks for both, women and men. Victorian era was mixed with rock stars from the 70s. Priestesses with embroidered capes and velvet dresses in neon pink platform shoes holding flower bouquets echoed the 1990’s British girls bands.

A key moment of the night was also the performance of Sir Elton John singing five of his hits such as “Rocket man“, “Who I love very much”, “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” replacing Lana Del Rey for the occasion.

The Cruise show in Arles was just the preview of what would happen for the next fashion week as Gucci will exceptionally move their show to Paris in September. The Gucci chief executive Marco Bizzarri said to Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana: “He understands that the brand sometimes has to make decisions to maintain the brand equity and he’s very flexible and intelligent. Of course, going away from Milan in a season could be a problem for the week, but overall, we go back.” We will see what Gucci is going to deliver in fall!




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