Snapchating with Dior Backstage

Just when you thought Kylie Jenner killed Snapchat, Dior Backstage brings to us an exciting collaboration with the app. Recently with a complete software change, Snapchat confused its users which led to many deleting the app. The collaboration with Dior backstage is making many old and new users of the app download and play with its filter again. The filter has three variations of bold, medium and nude make up options. You can now Snapchat your friends wearing no makeup while looking fabulous with the filters.

The launch of the new make-up line Dior backstage by Peter Philips, has a range of 40 face and body foundation shades on offer, meaning the line is ultra-inclusive. The colors are housed in transparent bottles so the shade is immediately visible. The brand quotes “Dior backstage is an asset for makeup artists working in the hectic backstage atmosphere as well as for women looking to find the right shade immediately.” The collection also includes two eye palettes and eyebrow palettes, face sculpting, highlighting and lip palettes. And 14 brushes: seven for the eyes and seven for the foundation. 


The promotional music and video are extremely catchy with Bella Hadid who fronts the new range and has also designed the face sculpting palette so her enviable cheekbones are one step closer to becoming a reality in our everyday. Bella is joined in the campaign by Ruth Bell, Manuela Sanchez, and Chu Wong.


While all fashion and beauty brands are collaborating with Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, Dior has managed to launch an excellent campaign through Snapchat which has created a lot of buzz for both the companies. It was a risk, but the risk was worth taking. Today marketing campaigns are highly influenced by social media and this new media has taken over the budgets of traditional media. Dior Backstage was all about fun and its diverse range reached out to many of the diverse users of Snapchat.


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