5 Beauty YouTubers Who Made Their Own Beauty Line

At the time that beauty YouTubers have become among the most influential powers in the industry, it’s no surprise that brands use their names to trigger sales. Some vloggers even created their own beauty lines. This phenomenon might prove that nowadays the public rather believes approachable on-line stars than celebrity endorsements.

We’ve listed 5 brands or collaborations made by the most popular YouTubers. Tell us if we miss any names.

  1. Zoella Beauty

With 12M subscribers, Zoella‘s influence won’t be smaller than that of any celebrity. Sugary fragrances with cute packages, her products are designed for those who pursue cozy and girly lifestyle.

  1. KL Polish

Being one of the most trustable YouTubers, Kathleen often collaborated with American cosmetics brand COLOURPOP. This time, she finally created her own line, which only sells nail products.

  1. Makeup Geek

Admittedly, I knew Makeup Geek before knowing its founder- Marlena Stell. Multicolor and super affordable eyeshadows are the biggest selling point of Makeup Geek.

  1. Becca X Sananas Parisian Lights

It’s not often that big brands reach out to French beauty vloggers for collaboration; however, Sananas’ French charm and influence power made BECCA do it. BECCA created a limited edition in collaboration with Sananas for their signature product, Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter.

  1. EM Cosmetics

The founder of EM Cosmetics is Michelle Phan. In her YouTube channel, she often shares not only makeup and styling tutorials but also fun lifestyle videos. Different from her playful YouTube channel, in EM Cosmetics, you can only choose a lip gloss or an eyeliner.

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