K-fashion today, hatching the global stage!


Korean fashion is something I would choose over other Asian countries. the style is sassy and cute and what would be a better time than summer when you could actually work on re-stalking your wardrobe with those adorable looks you can put together.

korean summer fashion-001

T-shirt dresses have been popular in Asia and this trend continues. Go easy with this pretty-please outfit, perfect to fight the heat in style.

korean summer fashion1

Crops never go out of style, sporty striker, over-sized or sassy styles – you can pair them with multiple lowers, from shorts to sweatpants.

korean summer fashion2

Off-shoulder shirts or tee’s to show off those sensuous collar bones. Summer and off-shoulders blend like a perfect rhythm.

korean summer fashion3

Date dresses are typical of Korean styling, it is an adorable look and an easy style to do the trick for a summery outfit.

korean summer fashion4

A boyfriend jacket in denim or more is a sassy and cool look that does a bang-up job.

korean summer fashion5.jpg

If you can pull off the boyfriend jacket look, you absolutely can nail it with the boyfriend pants too.

korean summer fashion6

Let’s not forget accessorizing. Bandanas are a hit to the club with your outfits. Just head gearing your bandana is old school now. The new style in favor is wrapping it around your wrist or neck.

korean summer fashion7

Another accessory that surely syncs with summer. The Cute-cap is a peachy accessory and a must trend which serves summer right.

So fill this summer with the Korean Cute and cool styles!


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