The Louis Vuitton Man by Virgil Abloh

The Louis Vuitton show left us in awe and at our feet. The show’s inclusivity translated well to the runaway, in the collection and down to the audience. For the first time, the luxury house felt more in tune with the world and society than it ever did, all thanks to the man of the hour: Virgil Abloh.

The months leading up to his debut, many anticipated for the Off-White creator to change the dynamic of the Homme collection. For Louis Vuitton to choose a designer that does not have the first-hand experience in a fashion school but paved his own path in one of the most competitive and judgmental industry just proves he has the capability and credibility to make LV more fashion-forward.

Despite not learning design in school, he gave the opportunity for aspiring fashion students to witness one of the most exclusive shows during Paris fashion week. Students from various institutions sat with their respective colored shirts that matched the rainbow runway laid out in Palais Royal. The colors represented diversity. In gender, race, and nationality. Virgil Abloh named his show “We are the world” and focused on unity amongst other things. And he did just that.

If you belong to one of the skeptics that believe Abloh leading LV Homme will simply be another high-end brand moving to streetwear luxe, take it in this perspective, luxury houses are doing their part in socially listening to their market and it is becoming a brand that is conscious of its surroundings and its impact on the next generations.

Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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