Restyling My Business Bae

We come back with a special post today. It’s the second mark off already for this summer sale and even though it’s a pleasure to buy for yourself, we’re sure you’d like to please the special characters in your life.

Today, we spoil your cute but business bae. I am sure, you can see him: definitely hot in his suit but with a giant lack of style during the weekend. Business is business, we all know that but, for the two fun, free days of the week, we all expect to go around with a Zayn Malik carbon copy. It’s not always easy… Mine is so conventional. I love him, really, but he has no interest in fashion. Always the safe colors, shapes never too trendy. Classic and practical. Blue, white, and grey. Huh… Boring.

So I went through all the websites to pimp their looks and take advantages of the sales to add fashion to their closets.

ShortMint shirtPantsPoloShirtCollarless shirtHatSunglassesMocassins


I picked colorful pieces that will brighten his wardrobe and match with the sun. Summer is the only chance we can wear super colorful pieces and get away with it.

It’s your turn. Let’s play. This warm season gives way to some fantasies, and your boyfriend’s closet is no exception. No matter what he says.


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