Guo Pei, architect or fashion designer? On Wednesday, July 4th, in the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Paris almost believed to see its double, thanks to the Chinese designer.

The Paris Haute Couture fashion week is always the best place to see amazing fashion pieces and Guo Pei answered the call. “L’architecture”, that’s the name of the collection that pays tribute to the French capital and its historical monuments.

We’ve been used to Guo Pei’s sculptural pieces: the Met Gala remembers Rihanna in a gigantic yellow cape decorated with embroidered flowers that did not go unnoticed. Actually, the story of the designer and the West starts from here.

She keeps writing her journey and proposes this time neutral and timeless shades on geometric shapes that create a wonderful Gothic atmosphere. Guo Pei mixes the stained-glasses of old religious properties with castles towers and arches. She plays with fabrics, shapes, and colors which tell a story, a French (his)story. Elegant, feminine and sculptural models were just like the Eiffel Tower.

It’s personally my definition of Haute Couture, beautiful pieces that might not be comfortable but make you dream. Easily identifiable, telling you a story by just watching the show.

Thanks, Guo Pei, I fell in love with my city again.



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