La Vallée Village – Shoppers’ Paradise You Need To Check

Paris is always one of the shoppers’ paradises for those who are obsessed with designer goods. If you are one of them, and have already been to Galeries Lafayelle or Champs- Élysées, then arrange a one day trip outside Paris to La Vallée Village. There, you are not only spoilt with the choice of brands – the best thing are the prices. They are so much lower than you expect! However, before you start looking for bargains, there are some points you must be aware of:



  1. Super crowded

I highly recommend you to go there during a week day, as during the weekend the place is super crowed. Also, prepare to wait in a queues if you want to enter highly popular stores like Gucci or Ralph Lauren.


  1. Out of seasons:

It’s an outlet! You shouldn’t expected to find the seasonal items there! But for those who are looking for classic items, it is still a good place to explore!


  1. Lack of luxurious brand

If you are searching for Chanel, Balmain or even Hermes, I have to tell you: Stay in Paris! However, you can still find some designer brands like Celine, Prada or Valentino


If you don’t mind the three points above, I’m sure you will have a good time at La Vallee Villege, and you’ll definitely find your bargain there!

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