As the MBA Global Fashion Media team creates a magazine each year, that time has come again and we’ve come to disrupt the publishing industry. Our magazine has gone to print and throughout the summer we will share individual articles that can be seen in the pages of our magazine, F303. To learn more about our mission, indulge in our introduction:


Like an HTTP 303 error, the fashion world as we know it is being redirected. Today, the only houses that will survive will be ones that shift their brand model. Think Balenciaga: still iconic, but unrecognizable from when Cristóbal was at the helm.  

And just like the fashion world, the publishing industry is entering the same transformation. We’re entering an era where the most iconic magazines are folding due to a lack of readership and the inability to succeed in the digital age. Those who survive know how to mold themselves to the modern consumption of media.

Like upgrading to the latest iPhone, out with the old and in with the new. Welcome, F303. A fashion magazine for the digital age with the modern consumer in mind.

In the age of Instagram, we’ve fought through filters and FaceTune to see the reality behind the photo. At F303, we aim to showcase the truth behind the filters. As you flip through the pages, you’ll find work that tells the truth. Our articles are honest, our spreads tell raw stories. We are given the tools to hide any and all imperfections, but at F303, we want to disrupt that mold and show you the real us.

This isn’t just another fashion magazine you’ll want to look at the pretty pictures and put it down, either. Go down the rabbit hole and engage in discussions about the influence of technology in our everyday lives, and get lost in words that can transport you to another world.

In an era where we’re always connected, put your phone on silent, close your laptop and allow F303 to redirect your attention to something deeper.


Fashion. Redirected.

Click here to view F303 in its entirety

Author: Vince Calvi

MBA Candidate, Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris

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