Once Upon A (Face)Time

Whenever I attempt to sleep before midnight, be in bed at a reasonable hour and for once get a proper shut-eye, I find myself in a downward spiral called YouTube. There’s no such thing as “I’ll only watch a 10-minute video.” Next thing you know, you’re far down the rabbit hole, seeing the sunrise behind you and in need to get dressed for work.

You can find anything and everything on YouTube. It is the perfect distraction from life and an educational tool for adults and children alike. But more so, YouTube has transformed to become a platform for budding entrepreneurs to build a name and reputation for themselves. The Alphabet subsidiary was a way in for raw talents in music to be offered a contract by record labels. But today, talent is limitless. You can one day be creating a comedy sketch with a friend, commenting on a video game or even doing a quick beauty tutorial on your latest makeup haul, and be discovered by brands that believe in your voice.

Marketers have acknowledged that tapping into the world of “vlogging” can extremely benefit their brand awareness and sales. But unlike a decade ago, where bloggers were gifted with numerous products and easily be persuaded to write a review on their website, vloggers tend to be more frank and honest or so it seems. A simple opinion can make or break a brand’s worth and value, especially if they capture a mass market.

The deeper I delve into this vlogger culture, the more I get fascinated by their world. Many have become more confident in speaking the truth and in being in front of the camera. I can’t help but wonder if this the next phase of reality TV? Or is vlogging the answer to the age-old authenticity issue of social media platforms. Regardless, vlogging has given millennials and Gen Z an avenue to share a part of their lives without having showrunners or executive producers calling the shots.

Beauty industries utilize vloggers to get a first-hand review from their direct consumers the quality of their products. But also, these vloggers or self-proclaimed “beauty gurus” have an immense pull on the market. The beauty industry watched the game change from celebrities to influencers, to vloggers.

PR and advertising budgets have drastically shifted to produce collaborations, skin-care lines, and events for and with the vloggers. Their rise to fame can immediately make them millionaires overnight. In 2014, beauty YouTube vlogger Zoe Sugg broke numerous sales records with the release of her own line “Zoella Beauty.” The positive response made her a household name at only 25 years old. By 2016 she was already worth £3 million.

You also have Maybelline who tapped beauty vlogger Shayla Mitchell and developed the City Mini Palette. Laura Lee created a lipstick shade with MAC Cosmetics before launching her own line Laura Lee Los Angeles. Australian Chloe Moretto teamed up with Ciate London to create the perfect palette. The list goes on.

So for anyone aspiring to have their own business, achieve fame through social media or create a community who believe in the same craft as yours, why not lend your face to the camera, speak your truth and invest in the content that you produce. You never know, one day you can have a television show of your own or be a beauty mogul. The world is yours. And for me, I will be sitting behind my laptop constantly being hypnotized by these videos at the comforts of my own home.

Copy of lucileEdito11Copy of lucileEdito12

Click here to view F303 in its entirety

Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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