Glossier, Glossier, Glossiest

The beauty industry is in its prime. Thanks to celebrity-backed and newly-founded ethical and sustainable makeup lines, beauty has surpassed the fashion industry in profit more than expected. Amongst the array of product lines developed during this beauty renaissance, Glossier has emerged as a leading brand while not fitting any of the criteria that have helped bring beauty into the spotlight. So how did founder Emily Weise build her pink empire of “Glossier Girls” in just under four years? The answer is clear:

Sharing Mentality

When mega skincare and makeup brands spend a fortune to hire Hollywood brand ambassadors, Weise found a better way to lure customers by capitalizing on peer-to-peer communication.  She invited beauty insiders, models, and influencers to her blog “Into The Gloss” and Glossier’s respective social media to create several “Get Ready With Me,” promos to build an organic audience. Whenever people shared their experiences, the Glossier team responded directly to their customers. Unlocking the power of women, letting them share and making a choice based on the unbiased reviews of the public which contributed to a 70% growth of the company.

Direct to Customers

You will not be able to find Glossier on your next trip to Sephora. Their direct to consumer model ultimately benefits both sides outweighing the convenience of being sold in a beauty store. Glossier has built unprecedented solid relationships with their supporters without the interference of middlemen. Thanks to these tight-knit relationships, Glossier has been able to integrate consumer preferences into their design and product formulas. Again, Glossier puts their customer at the center of the company. Every piece of their product development is based on the advice of everyone who shares and cares about Glossier.

Millennial Lifestyle

Pastel pink mood boards, photogenic packages, well-established social platforms, and a trendy slogan, “Skin First, Makeup Second, Smile Always”— Glossier tried hard to cater to millennials. Everything they do is designed to facilitate a digital conversation. The Glossier customer is engaged with their beauty movement. The brand doesn’t even need to advertise. Social media buzz is their greatest asset with their customers being their greatest ambassadors.

Some beauty gurus have judged Glossier’s products, and even doubted the transparency of their ingredients. Despite this, figures show that the brand has built the strongest affinity group online by using the most modern and millennial approach. And this year, they will expand the shipping areas to Sweden, Denmark, and France by October.

If Glossier girls represent the cross-section of millennial lifestyle trends, who cares if they’re worth the hype or not?

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