Who We Are

Left to Right (Top): Kévin Harrak, Ayumi Rollan, Vince Calvi, Prea Vani Varma.                   (Bottom): Mayowa Ige, Poonam Natasha, Tiffany T., Chloé Blain, Renee Ultado.

Welcome to the IFA Fashion Blog! A blog dedicated to all things fashion, style and lifestyle related. Written and edited by the MBA Global Fashion Media students at International Fashion Academy (IFA Paris).

Derived from our unfaltering love for fashion, we bring you our blog where each of us expresses our creative opinions on this fast-paced industry. You’ll find our ideas in features like current news, how-to’s, interviews, street style photos,  fashion shows, exhibition reviews and much more.

Our main inspiration is one of the top fashion capitals of the world – Paris! However, as a means to explore the ever-changing global fashion market, we are also excited about the happenings in all the markets – from Asian markets, to American and beyond. 

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